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Engberg showcases his mastery of traditional guitar music and some lively personal compositions in performances in Burlington….  Burlington Hawk Eye, Iowa

Michael Engberg filled the center gallery with vivid sweeps of color in a masterful guitar performance… Burlington Hawk Eye, Iowa

Michael Publicity 3Private Functions, House Concerts and other Non-Public Events (Nursing Homes, Care Centers, Libraries…).

Michael Engberg is a professional musician who is great with a live audience of any age.  As a part of the activities department for Brookdale Senior Living retirement communities for over 2 years, I hired Michael on several occasions to bring entertainment to the residents.  He did a great job of bringing old familiar tunes to the ears of those who cherished those songs. His humor also kept the smiles on their faces.  His technique on guitar is priceless.  He is also well experienced in classical guitar music.  I would strongly recommend Michael Engberg for any audience who is young at heart. ..Jennifer Gilmore, Activities Co-ordinator, Denver

Thank you, Michael for playing at out wedding.  We really appreciated it and you helped make our day very special… Gail and Russ, Colorado

Thank you Michael, everyone enjoyed your performance – you made our day!  Please come back again.    Nursing home staff, Iowa.

Michael–Thanks again for performing a house concert for my 47th birthday. Guests ranged in age from 6 years old to 60+, and everyone was delighted by your incredible talent as well as your humor and your extensive range of musical styles. Thanks for making my birthday celebration so fun and special!

Lindy Olsen, Colorado

We hosted a house concert with Michael in September. He was great, it was a lot of fun, and literally everyone who attended went out of their way to thank us for thinking to invite them. Michael’s interaction with the audience made the excellent music all the more enjoyable!

Ken Felman, Colorado

ThirdMichael Engberg


Michael’s music business lectures were well planned and executed.  He possesses a wealth of practical, theoretical and anecdotal information about the historical and current practices in artist promotion.  Additionally he is an articulate and engaging speaker who is able to maintain and stimulate the student’s thought processes during the course of his lectures.

Ed Breazeale,Lecturer, University of Colorado-Denver, University of Wyoming, Arapahoe Community College,Denver School of the Arts – Practicing Artist

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Michael did a wonderful job.  Enjoyed his presentation very much.  Great music, great entertainment and very educational.  Thanks. Karen (Wyoming)

Good songs, great information, excellent presentation.  Very talented speaker, would recommend this lecture highly. Charles (Wyoming)


Michael, thank you so much for making our special day even more so.  Our guests lovIMG_0475ed your playing and we appreciated your flexibility and professionalism.  Brook (Colorado)

You helped make our Thanksgiving a great success and both residents and family were impressed by your range and skill.  Thank you, it’s not always easy to keep large crowds entertained and you did it with ease.   Linda (Nursing home functions co-originator)







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