This section is all about the music.  Please explore the albums, the stories and the journey that brings them to you.  I hope you enjoy my work as much as I did in creating it.  Your views, comments and questions are welcome and I’d love to hear from you.

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There’s a separate page for all albums (click on the links to get you there quickly), with background, lyrics and links.  They are, in order of release:

Way of the Wild Heart – singer/songwriter material in a modern folk tradition

Michael’s first CD on his independent label, Many Hats Recordings.  It is an eclectic display of his abilities as a songwriter and singer with elements of folk, rock, country and jazz.  Several Denver musicians (including multi-instrumentalist Ernie Martinez and avant garde guitarist, Neil Haverstick) add their talents to the project.

Songs for Women I Don’t See Any More – instrumental (and yes, the title is a story in itself)

This is Michael’s first collection of instrumental finger-style guitar gems.  Original pieces (like the Mary B. Suite or Throwing Caution to the Winds) are side by side with standards that range from Back (Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring) to Gershwin (Summertime).

Bula Learns to Dance – instrumental

“Bula” named for the daughter of some close friends.  The title tune is a whimsical uptempo fancy with slight Spanish flair.  The rest of the album is a continuation of Michael’s eclectic musical explorations, with bits of Middle Eastern (Penelope in Morocco), celtic, jazz, classical, folk an rock.  All showing different aspects of fingerstyle instrumental guitar played with passion and an obvious love of music.

And the latest two, a complementary set that musically expresses my life over the last few years.  Some pieces are serious, some fun and all good to listen to :)

Collage – instrumental

A more intimate, personal and mature extension of Michael’s work as an instrumentalist.  This collection is a mix of original classical and Celtic guitar gems.  All the original ones are based in life experiences and the stories will be added to the website as the storyteller finds the time to add the tales.

Collidoscope – singer/songwriter

Socially conscious tunes like Bumblebee Wages or What Would You Give, collide with Michael’s whimsical sense of humour in tunes like King of Oysters , Great Grandma Batter Battle or the demented children’s song Old Lady Shaley

Have fun.

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