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MICHAEL’S REVERBNATION PAGE – look here for songs, videos, gigs and lots of other cool stuff.


The YouTube channel is here with a mix of material


Bob Matros and his Hooker Street Studio did great work on the latest two albums – we can’t recommend him highly enough.  To find out more or to get hold of him, go here.

Edward Dick is the brilliant luthier who makes all Michael’s guitars.  He makes a range of stringed instruments that are both attractive and beautiful to play.  To have  a look, go here.


We’re in Portland, right on the border between Oregon and Washington so play time spans both states. Great pubs, restaurants, wineries, farmers’ markets, galleries – you name it, we got it :)  So to start, here are some NW faves.

Emanar Cellars – this is a fantastic friendly little wine bar in Battleground Village in Washington.  Wine and tapas, a European flavour and staff who love their work.  A joy to visit and play at.

Blue Room Bar – Cartlandia – sounds like something on a television show eh?  Well it is.  This bar is situated in a nest of food carts and atmosphere in Portland.  You get your food from the famous carts and go and sit inside for a drink or two. Lively, fun and different.  Well worth a visit or three (you have to try ALL the food so you’ll need a lot of drinks).

Koi Pond Cellars – now this cool little cellar has good wine with lots of fun events.  They have their own wines (which are  very nice) and a great welcoming attitude.  Artists, musicians, tastings – food and wine – are all part of the charm.  Monthly wine walks and other things to look forward to.

Mill Creek Pub – Battleground – good food, good bar, good entertainment.  This restaurant has a regular live show to go with their wide ranging fresh menu.  Good for families and groups or a dinner for two.

Feckin Brewery – Oregon City – this is, surprise, surprise, a brewery.  Great beers of all sorts, live entertainment and friendly staff.  Unfortunately no food at the moment but a great place to go for a drink, some music and some good friendly chat time.  Watch their website for events – they have lots of interesting things to do.



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  1. Mike Filion says:

    Mike, I found a pretty cool coffee shop in Colorado Springs that likes to do music on Fridays. Too many of the bands are too loud-they need acoustic music. Talk to Rob Ranney:
    Urban Steam
    1025 South Sierra Madre
    Colorado Springs, CO 80903

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