Podcast Cherry Gets Broken Tomorrow Night

There is a program called The Quinnn Spinn, at WROM.net. I submitted my two latest albums to them a couple of weeks ago, and was notified that they look to feature some of my music on their New Music Showcase tomorrow (Friday, October 31) at 6pm EDT. They’re looking to play “Bumblebee Wages”, so if you haven’t checked that tune out as yet, feel free to look them up and tune in.

Help Me Into The Shallow Waters…

“How many laps did you do?” asked the stranger at the side of the pool, as I used the stairs to climb out from my session.
“Fifty-one,” I replied.
“Fifty-six laps is a mile,” the stranger informed me. That was on Saturday. On Sunday, I did sixty-one laps, making it a total of two miles in two days. My body was sore, but it was the good soreness of an intense workout. I have actually come to welcome that sense of ache.
I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes some five years ago. My doctor at Kaiser Permanente allowed me to control the diabetes via diet and exercise. I test my blood nearly every morning, and while the diet has worked fairly well on its own merits, my chance to swim over the last couple of weeks has been a wonderful boost. I swim laps pretty much the first thing every morning, and since doing so, the glucometer readings have been steadily in the low 100’s (126 is considered the level at which you are considered diabetic, so anything under that Is definitely a positive step).
All of us are finding features to our current stay at the Mesa Regal RV resort. Pony started teaching a class on polymer clay sculpture last week. It started with her just asking if she could have access to one of the multi-purpose rooms in the central hall, for the purpose of making more clay sculptures, and she was asked if she would be willing to teach others what she does (there’s an old saying: we teach that which we most must learn). She had four people show up for her first session, and looks forward to future sessions, every Tuesday and Thursday. And come November, she will have the opportunity to sell her sculptures at a local craft market.
And on Saturday, Rufus met Kazam. Kazam is a two-year-old Siberian Husky. The runt of his litter, he’s only about 70 lbs., but that makes him an ideal playmate for Rufus. For three mornings straight, we have met Kazam and his owner at the northwest dog park in the RV park. The run about like loons, wrestle, and generally play with the sort of abandon that is a joy to witness. The last couple of days, Rufus has come back to crash on the couch or the bed, and dream puppy dreams. It has been awhile since he has been able to exercise so vigorously with another dog, and it has been leaving him tired (but in a really good way, I’d say).
And so we are all finding our way, seeing what is possible for the next few months. After the swimming sessions, I go to work: phone calls for future gigs, keeping up this blog, practicing guitar and rehearsing new repertoire. I still tend to work on new songs while taking walks with Rufus. I read once that Willie Nelson makes up songs while driving his truck. He said if he couldn’t remember the song by the time he got back home, it wasn’t worth keeping. I can appreciate that philosophy. I apply a similar standard to the songs I come up with while walking with Rufus (I’m just glad that my songwriting buddy is content with the occasional dog biscuit for royalties).