The Road to Pleasanton

I turned up the speed of the windshield wipers another notch, just as my caught another sign along the side of the road.  “Less water means fewer jobs”, it read.

I’d seen several such signs posted along the road from Bakersfield towards San Francisco.  California is in the midst of an awful drought, and farmers are complaining the are getting short shrift in the rationing of water.  It rained for most of the day , as we traveled from Bakersfield.  I am sure the farmers would welcome every bit of moisture, as much as I was sure it would not be nearly enough. 

We are camped at an RV park situated on the Alameda County Fairgrounds, in Pleasanton.  I confess that I wasn’t even aware of the town of Pleasanton until Pony found it for us.  The campgrounds are as good as you could ask for, with water, electricity, sewage, free WiFi; all the amenities, as it were.  There are a couple of sizeable fields, although all dogs are expected to remain on leash at all times.  Some of the other park residents have told me of a few dog parks fairly close by.  I hope Rufus and I may have the chance to find one over the next few days. 

Pleasanton itself looks like something off of a Hollywood lot, in that it is full of good-looking houses with well-tended yards, and the downtown area (Main Street, no less) is a collection of several restaurants and shops, with a True Value hardware store being the only franchise among the bunch (there is a separate shopping center, a little closer to the campgrounds, where you can find a Safeway grocery store, a Wells Fargo bank, a Starbucks, and several of the sorts of stores that grow like mushrooms all across the U.S.).

I have a gig tonight (Tuesday night) in nearby Hayward, at a place called The Bistro, and another performance in San Jose, at the Plum Tree Care Center, on Thursday.  In between, I am doing the usual bit of taking care of business.  Phone calls and emails are shuffled in between bouts of playing guitar and rehearsing repertoire, with occasional walking breaks for Rufus and me.  Sunday was a very cool day, but we still broke out the grill and had some chicken and brats.  Yesterday, Pony used our convection oven to cook some roast lamb and fried potatoes.  It’s all rather idyllic, really.  It’s good work, good weather, and good company. 

By the end of the week, we’ll be moving on up the West Coast, with gigs in Eugene and Portland, Oregon,  coming up,  followed by a fairly extensive stay in the Seattle area.  I am looking at Pleasanton as what I hope to be an omen for what we may encounter over the next few weeks, and on into the summer. 

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