Another Great Day in Rufus World

Another Great Day in Rufus World

Monday, the 5th of May (Cinco de Mayo), and Rufus and I begin our day in the Sleepy Hollow RV Park, just north of Willits, California, hiking up a steep mountain road.  About  a mile or two up, Rufus turns and scales this bank cut out for the road.  I would have put the bank at just about vertical, and I certainly didn’t expect my dog to just blithely scale it like it was any other part of the terrain.  My dog seems to be part goat. 

I admit that I am often somewhat in awe of my puppy.  There is, first of all, the fact that he is nearly three years old (will officially turn three next month) and he still shows the energy and excitement of a pup.  He is one of the most naturally friendly critters I have ever known.  He takes great pleasure in meeting people, other dogs, cats, squirrels, and all manner of life on this planet.  More than once, I have referred to him as my Goodwill Ambassador. 

He is clever, a quick learner at many things, and incredibly fast.  When he runs full out, I have only seen a few dogs faster than him.  And his running is such an expression of pure joy.  I search for dog parks, or other opportunities where I can let him off leash, and it gladdens my heart almost as much as his to watch him run. 

He is pure mutt.  People are forever asking, or just speculating as to his breed.  He is one of a kind (and is assured of being so, as we did neuter him early on), and a handsome mutt, at that.  He has the health and vitality that is often associated with mutts.  I have hopes that he will be around for a good, long time. 

Upon returning from our morning walk, Pony, Margaret and I had a short breakfast, then packed up Cecilia (our RV), hooked up Gypsy Rose (our tow car) and headed for our next stop: the Humboldt County Fairgrounds, in Ferndale, California. 

The Fairgrounds have a nice RV park that is about ten miles from the ocean shore.  So after settling into our new berth, Pony, Margaret, Rufus and I drove over to the nearby beach.  We spent a good hour there, and I was able to let Rufus off of his leash.  I used the Chuckit to toss the ball for him, and we all walked a good stretch of the beach, while Rufus ran to his heart’s content. 

The waves were coming in strong and white-capped: something of a new experience for the puppy.  It was coming on the end of a beautiful day, and we were all just enjoying the moment.  Pony, Rufus, the kitties, and I have gone from one coast to the other in the last 8 months, with a good bit of meandering about in between.  Despite the occasional challenge, here and there, the journey has been much of what we had hoped for.  We have seen some beautiful country, caught up with good friends that are scattered all over this nation, and made a few new friends, as well.  We are far from done with our adventure. 

Meanwhile, I try to learn a thing or two from my puppy, and eagerly look forward to what each day may bring. 

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