The Casper Mountain Getaway

“Oh crap!” says Pony.

I was perched on one of the dining chairs, working on an arrangement of “Lark of the Morning” (an Irish jig) combined with a Saltarello composed by Galileo’s father, while Pony was sitting on the nearby couch, gazing at her smart phone. 

“What’s up?” I inquired.

It turns out that the weather app on her smart phone had a winter storm warning.  Another arctic blast is due to hit central Wyoming on Friday.  Starting Friday night and continuing into Saturday, Casper is expected to get some 8 inches (or more) of snow, while Casper Mountain is predicted to get as much as two feet of new snow. 

Mind you, Friday is when the RV is supposed to be de-winterized, and Saturday is when we planned to load up the RV, with the further plans to drive down to Denver on Sunday. 

On the plus side (so far!), there is only a 20% chance of snow on Sunday.  But the weather app cannot say anything as yet regarding temperatures or winds on Sunday (I worry about wind just a bit more than the snow, although they are both hazardous enough when navigating an RV and towing a car). 

Contingency plans start with Thursday.  We are loading as much as we can into the RV early (the folks at Sonny’s RV are already expecting us to do something like this, so they won’t be taken by surprise on that score).  Saturday will still be a final load in of guitars and pets, and we will keep fingers crossed that come Sunday we can make our way south (an early start is definitely planned). 

Pony was getting genuinely nervous in contemplating the possible hazards over the next few days.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate the potential hardship.  It’s just that I don’t see anything good to come from panic (or anything that even approaches panic).  Buddha said suffering comes from desiring something other than what is.  To the extent that you can accept things as they are and deal with them, therein lies the possibility of minimizing suffering.

Yeah.  That’s the notion, alright. 

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