Living for the Weekend

“I’ll have to admit, I was leery of the whole live music thing,” said Lisa.  “But you showed us how good it can be.”

 Lisa and Stefan are the owners of the Trailhead Lodge, where I played last Friday and Saturday night.  Both nights were packed (Friday night had reservations throughout the evening, and I ended up playing for an extra twenty minutes, in honor of a party of eight that had arrived towards the end of the evening for the express purpose of coming to see me). 

It is gigs like this that remind me in a beautiful, vivid way why I love my job.  I played a wide range of stuff: everything from Bach to Hank Williams, with lots in between.  I sold nearly a dozen CD’s over the two nights, met several new fans and friends (including a couple who apparently are determined that I should play for the Art Museum in Casper, come this summer), and, to top it off, got fed some mighty fine fare both nights, as well. 

At the end of Saturday night, Lisa and Stefan talked to us about setting up some future gigs; some in early August (when next we expect to pass through) and again for next winter (because we are thinking that winter on the mountain is, all in all, a pretty good thing).  Given the gypsy lifestyle we have adopted, calling Casper our official home base is as good as anywhere, and I have to say that folks here have made us feel very welcome.

I woke Sunday morning, and the sun was bright and beautiful.  I felt fair to bursting with good, positive energy.  The wind was slow and friendly.  We enjoyed half a dozen days or so of relatively warm weather.  Our room-mate, Trey, had his wife (Pam) and dog (Siska) up for the weekend, so the cabin was full of good conversation, and company (human and canine).  All in all the last few days have  been healing and energizing, leaving me more than ready for the barrage of emails and phone calls I look to unleash upon the world, as I continue to carve out the next leg of our grand tour. 

Two weeks from today, and I will be giving a guest lecture at Arapahoe Community College, where I will be sharing some of the experiences we have had on the road, and many of the lessons learned.  However, that also means that there is much to do between now and then.  It’s busy.  It can be really busy.  But it’s a good form of busy. 

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