Valentines and Mountain Passes

The Trailhead Lodge is a café on Casper Mountain Road, close to where the road forks.  The right fork proceeds another half mile or so to the path that then leads to the cabin we’ve been calling home for a little over a month, and farther on to the Hogadon Ski Run.  My understanding is that the Trailhead has been known by various names over the years, but the current incarnation is owned and run by a lovely couple from Casper, Lisa and Stefan (with the help of a few family members).  I have visited the Trailhead a few times over the last few weeks (I can particularly vouch for the chicken quesadillas), and have even taken one of the guitars with me a couple of times to pick a tune or two.  As a consequence, I will be performing in a slightly more formal way on Valentine’s Day weekend (Friday and Saturday, the 14th and 15th, from 4:30 to 7:30pm). 

We’ve printed up a few posters.  Our room-mate, Trey, has taken some of them down to town, and also put the word out to various folk he knows.  Although we are still pretty new to the community of Casper, we have also let some folks know.  While we have been treating our sojourn on the mountain as mostly an artist’s retreat of sorts (booking the next leg of the tour, making amendments and improvements to Many Hats Music, Inc., practicing and rehearsing and such), I always look forward to a chance to get out and share tunes. 

The last few weeks have been a healing, rejuvenating experience, with hardly a trace of cabin fever.  It probably helps that we do have room-mates: Trey, plus Rufus and the kitties.  And we manage to get down to town about every 9 or 10 days to replenish supplies and such.  And there is the Trailhead, where I have had the chance to meet other residents of the mountain. 

We communicate with friends via phone and internet (from all over the U.S. and parts of Australia, of course).  They are all asking if I am writing any new stuff.  And I have a few snippets for songs, here and there: a chorus for one, a verse for another, a few titles or working ideas, and the occasional melody or chord progression.   Also, I am taking what I have written in the way of a novel over the last year or so, and transferring it onto the notebook computer (up to now, it has been a growing volume of long-hand script in a ringbinder that also contains several of my lyrics and other ideas waiting to develop).  Pony has introduced me to a writing program called Scrivener, so I am going to see how that may affect my writing efforts. 

The upshot of all of this is that we have talked about the possibility of repeating this experience next year, and it seems that both of us are open to that notion.  Yes, I know plenty of friends and family who might consider this evidence of insanity (on both our parts), but it has been a good season of contemplation and creativity, mixed with just enough winter hardship to give us a little physical challenge. 

In the spirit of the original St. Valentine, I send well-wishes and fond thoughts out to all of our good friends and family.  We look to cross paths with all of you over the months to come. 

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