The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Pony and I began house-sitting for our friends, Gordon and Stacia, as they headed out for a ten-day cruise of the Bahamas.  My sister let us borrow her kitty carrier to haul the three kitties and the dog from Gaithersburg to Annapolis.  It took a good part of Tuesday to make the move, but by the evening we were all settled in.  Our friends allowed that the kitties could stay in their garage, which was something of an improvement on circumstances, as it is a large room, with several windows that let in a lot of natural light.  And it is heated, as well, which, again was something of a step up from my sister’s garage.

Meanwhile, our RV was being worked on.  There was taking care of a bit of the damage from when we got rear-ended.  The insurance company wrote off our Yellow Submarine as totalled, so we now had the additional task of finding a replacement vehicle with the money from the settlement.  This was proving a bit of a challenge.  It was a challenge finding the Yellow Submarine back in Denver; we need a manual transmission car in order to be towed (there are a handful of automatic transmission cars that can be towed, but they are as hard to locate as the stick-shifters).  In addition, everything on the East Coast seemed to be a good deal more expensive,  at least regarding this particular quest.  I ended up calling my brother, Steve.  He has a buddy, a car dealer, who regularly visits auctions out in the Midwest.  Our plans changed in that we would drive sans tow vehicle to Iowa, and hope that Brett (my brother’s buddy) would be able to find something for us by the time we got to Burlington.

I have nothing but a great deal of gratitude for family and friends as we have tried to sort things out through all of this: my sister letting us put up the kitties in her garage, then Gordon and Stacia agreeing to the same, and my brother connecting us with his buddy for the purpose of finding a new vehicle.  Still, I waited with hard-earned patience for the RV to be ready for us to reclaim.  Ceci has truly become our real home at this point, and Pony and I were both missing having all of our family gathered together in one place.  We would go into the garage a few times throughout the day, to check on the kitties and sit with them and pet them and all.  But for all that, they were feeling a bit neglected overall. 

We retrieved the RV on the 4th of December and began moving our various things back into it.  On the 6th of December, Pony picked up Gordon and Stacia (and their kids, Ben and Hope) from Port of Baltimore.  We spent the afternoon doing a bit of last minute shopping and packing.  Stacia made a wonderful evening meal while I played guitar for hours.  Gordon and Stacia were concerned about a storm front coming in, and tried to persuade us to wait a day or two, but I was worried that waiting would only increase the chances of further delay, and we had to get to Burlington to play some shows that started on December 11th.  We held fast to our plan to head out the morning of December 7th. 



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