Let me start right off by saying it was not my fault.

Monday, November 11, and we’re leaving Mahlon Dickerson Park for what we assume to be the last time for this year.  The plan is to drive to Freehold, New Jersey, to spend a couple of days there in the company of our new friends, Tim and Chris.  But first, we wanted to stop off at Garick RV to see to a couple of things for our RV. 

I do the appropriate bits of putting on my turn signal and slowing down to enter the parking lot of Garick, and as I turn into said parking lot, we feel a significant “THUNK” behind us. 

For what it’s worth, the driver of the car behind us (Gil is his name) admits it was entirely his fault.  He was driving a too close behind us, did not see the turn signal, and failed to slow down when I did.  The result is that he slammed into our little, yellow car, taking off the rear bumper, caving in some of the front grill (where the posts are that attach the car to the tow rig), and turning our tow rig itself into something very much like a pretzel.  When we opened the yellow car (looking for the proof of insurance card and registration we keep in there), we also discovered that the stereo and AC/heating controls had basically flown out of the rest of the dashboard, to rest in the middle of the front seat.  Oh, and the electric windows do not seem to want to work, either. 

There was about 90 minutes of doing the usual trading of information (plus waiting for the local police to arrive and put together a report).  The immediate problem is that we could not leave town until Gil’s insurance company could send an assessor to look over the damage and get the paper work rolling to get our car fix (assuming it would be fixable and not totalled).  And we would have to get a rental to use in the interim. 

So we picked up a rental car (a decent minivan), and ended up driving the RV once more to Mahlon Dickerson Park (now becoming much more of a home than we ever intended).  At this point, there was no way I was going to make it to the DC area in time to do my gig on Thursday night, so I had the great fun of contacting the club owner and telling him I would not be there. 

We are still working on the idea that we can make it south in time for my gig in Fredericksburg, Virginia, on the 22nd of this month.  There are still some things to be worked out. We are also still working on the assumption that our little tow car can be repaired and made road-worthy once again, but that would also mean coming back up to New Jersey at some point to pick it up. 

Or the car could be written off by the insurance company as totalled.  We don’t quite know as yet. 

Add this to the litany of vehicle mishaps, with less than three months on the road. 

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