I recently acquired a new book on my Kindle: “ Your Band Is A Virus”, by James Moore.  It is a helpful and informative book, describing various strategies and tips for effectively marketing your music and making good use of the ever expanding possibilities of the internet.  We have already put some of these suggestions into place. 

Mr. Moore begins by emphasizing that you have to make sure you have solid product.  Don’t settle for some half-assed, fault-ridden recording, but try for the best quality you can manage.  Now, having said that, there are artists like the Australian Gotye, who took a laptop to a secluded cabin and used various “found” sounds and samples to create his musical palette.  Digital technology has made it possible to create incredibly fine and creative music on a laptop, in a living room or basement, or in all sorts of circumstances that would have been unthinkable even ten years ago.  It is not necessary to go to a professional studio (unless you want some of the special bells and whistles that such a facility has to offer).  In my case, for my two newest releases, I used engineer Bob Matros, and his home studio, Hooker Street Studios.  Bob’s studio was more than adequately equipped for what I was trying to achieve, and Bob’s own experience and creative instincts (he has had a long and rewarding career of his own as a performing musician, songwriter, engineer and producer) proved very valuable to the final result.

Solid product. Check.

Next, Mr. Moore recommends that the second page of your website be your store, or some means by which people can hear, see and buy your stuff.  So we re-arranged our website accordingly. 

We are presently working on some of James Moore’s suggestions for doing research on the internet, regarding writers, blogs, music websites, podcasts, and other places where our music can be heard and hopefully talked about.  I say “we” , because my wife, Pony, is in the thick of all of this.  She has been scaling a steep learning curve in terms of web design and maintenance and various other internet-related matters.  I am trying to catch some of this as well, but my efforts have centered more on researching potential performing venues, contacting such places, and the necessary grunge work of practicing and rehearsing and playing the gigs themselves.  Ours is a small enterprise at the moment, with hopes of building things as we travel and learn,  And yes, we are working to turn the music viral. 

So anyone reading this: feel free to pass the word along. 


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