October 25

We left Mahlon Dickerson Reservation, in Jefferson Township, New Jersey, to make our way to Ashby, Massachusetts.  I had two gigs: one in Nashua, New Hampshire, and the other in Lowell, Massachusetts, and there was an RV park in Ashby that was reasonably close to both venues (and not yet closed for the season, which is proving to be more or a factor as we get closer to November).

Fat Daddy’s Café, in Nashua, was a total blast.  It is a comfortable, bright, welcoming place, and owner Pauline Yates is a lovely, energetic  and endearing soul.  And she loves to cut a rug! She got up to dance with a couple of the customers, as well as her daughter and a grand-daughter (I have to say that I get a particular pleasure as a solo performer when I can inspire people to dance).  It is also to Pauline’s credit that she mustered up a fine audience for the night, including another musician (Paul was his name) who had played at Fat Daddy’s just the night before my performance. 

The audience made me feel very welcome.  They were there to listen and enjoy, and I did my very best to not disappoint them.  Pony and I set up various video recording devices and are hopeful there will be some useful footage to add to the batch already up on YouTube. 

Gigs like these are really the reason I was never all that attracted to drugs.  For me, playing for an appreciative, listening and responsive audience is a high better than any drug (not that I have much experience with chemicals to compare, but then I have never been tempted when I can have the occasional gig like this). 


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