October 26

Looking back at the listing on the Good Sam site, we now understand the dollar signs that were placed next to pets and showers.  The Pines RV Park charged us an extra $5 per day for Rufus (and figured they were giving us a break not charging us for any of the cats).  It was Friday morning (getting ready for the gig at Fat Daddy’s) that I was made aware that the shower they provided in the main office building cost four quarters per use.  We have a shower in the RV (which we used throughout our Massachusetts sojourn), so it wasn’t that terrible of an inconvenience; just annoying.  It was very much a nickel-and-dime sort of thing.  The folks running the place were friendly enough, but I guess we’d got a bit spoiled during our stay at Mahlon Dickerson (in New Jersey); that was a county park with heated bath and shower buildings (and really nice showers, at that!), and some lovely hiking trails and all.  The Pines were just a bit of a disappointment in comparison.

On Saturday, we made our way to Lowell, for the gig at Brew’d Awakening Coffee Haus.  It is located on the ground floor of a condo building in downtown Lowell.  It is a smallish place, with some fine, funky artwork all over the walls.  It was a bit hectic as I was setting up, as it was an official Trick or Treat afternoon for the neighbourhood kids, and Brew’d Awakening was dishing out candy right and left to costumed tykes when we first arrived. 

Brew’d Awakening also had a particular condition on musical performances, in that all the tunes had to be either original or Public Domain.  I played two hours, with just a short break in the middle (to sell a few CD’s), but this particular requirement on repertoire proved no problem for me.  And again, I enjoyed an appreciative, listening audience. 

After the gig, on the way back to the campsite, we stopped at a Farmer’s Market to pick up some fresh fruit and veggies.  At this point, I should explain that, as I was growing up, my Grandmother Engberg would make me a Boston Cream cake for my birthday.  Pony tried to find one for my latest birthday (last Thursday, the 24th of October), but had had no success.  Then, lo and behold, this Farmer’s Market also sold pies and cakes, and they had a small Boston Cream cake on hand.  Pony explained to the two sister who ran the place why I was so jazzed at this discovery, so one of them wrapped the cake up in a plastic container with a blue ribbon and a candle.  I ate it that night.  I ate it all!  A guilty pleasure, but worth it, every forkful.

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