October 22

Yesterday, Rufus and I did another hike.  We did not get lost this time, but still did a fine, brisk walk for a little over 90 minutes. 

The rest of the day was taken up with practicing guitar and taking care of business.  Pony and I had the latest in a series of business meetings; this one primarily devoted to planning an itinerary for 2014, along with some discussion about other tasks we need to attend to over the next few days.  I also spent a good amount of time doing some further research on marketing, identifying some additional questions that will require some more digging around in books and on the web.

I named my business Many Hats Music as a symbolic representation of the many different roles I play in my business.  In addition to performer, composer, recording artist and producer, I am frequently my own booking agent, publicist, and CEO of the corporation (which now also includes the recording label, which was previously run in tandem with my good friend and fellow founding member, Robynne Pennington).  And quite honestly, several of these roles could each be a full-time job in their own right.  I am also variously roadie, sound engineer, and driver. 

The bottom line is that every day is pretty full with things that demand attention.  Although I would blissfully spend many hours of a day just practicing guitar and rehearsing repertoire, I have to balance it with all these other tasks just to maintain and try to increase the business. 

Pony is an equal partner in all of this.  She has taken on most of the burden of building and maintaining our websites, as well as researching what we can do to increase our online presence and commerce.  She also does much to keep the books and try to hold us to a budget.  She is also trying to teach me what she has learned so far, as there will come a point when I have to attend to some of these tasks, as well (we have identified at least a couple of times in 2014 when we will be traveling separately, and I will have to be able to take care of everything in her absence). 

After attending to business, I went and got a pizza from Frank’s Pizza (again in the nearby Jefferson Township).  It was a much-needed reward after a long day.  We watched episodes from the first season of “Fringe” and munched on pizza.  Oh, and Pony found seven ticks on the dog.  So there was the added of fun of holding the puppy still while Pony used tweezers to rid Rufus of these unwelcome guests. 

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