October 18

“I hear singing,” Pony said.  She was once again organizing the storage bins that line the bottom of Ceci, our RV. 

It turned out that she heard a couple about four lots down from our own.  Tim and Kris were playing guitars (Tim on a steel string, Kris on a nylon string) and running through some tunes.  Rufus and I walked over to say hello, and it turned out that they had a beautiful Great Pyrenees puppy, about 18 months old (give or take), named Bella.  I invited Tim and Kris over to our place for some “ice tea” (the campsite is designated a “dry site”, so no obvious use of alcohol is permitted).  They came bearing a certain amount of their own “ice tea” to share.  Pony brought out a variety of cheese and crackers to munch on, as well. 

Kris runs an online business through Ebay.  Tim does construction and HVAC.  Tim was telling me about being plenty busy over the last year, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  Although he also described some difficulties. 

“A lot of people are still fighting with insurance companies, trying to figure out how much money they actually have to rebuild.” As it turns out, just the other day, I heard a guy on the Public Radio speaking on this very issue.  He was complaining that he had been paying Homeowners and Flood insurance for some 16 years, and now was having a devil of a time getting the insurance company to process his claim. 

Meanwhile, Kris and Pony were having their own conversation on matters of philosophy and spirituality (Kris’ online business deals with New Age and Metaphysical goods of one sort or another). 

At some point, I broke out my guitars, in part to show them to Tim, who is an avid guitar hobbyist and can appreciate a well-made instrument.  I let him try out Betty and Virginie, then played some tunes from the two new CD’s. 

“How much are your CD’s,” Tim asked, “because I’m not leaving here without them.”  And so a somewhat spontaneous and informal house concert in our own rolling home resulted in the sale of a couple of CD’s (I found myself wondering if I could somehow develop this into an additional playing opportunity; staging our own house concerts out of our RV as we camp in one place or another). 

The next night, we all had dinner together at the Jefferson Diner, in the town nearby.  The Jefferson Diner has been featured on The Food Channel, and with some good reason.  We all agreed that the food was pretty tasty. 

In addition to meeting Tim and Kris, I also met Rich and Carrie: a couple, originally from Vermont, who had converted an old school bus into an RV and had the goal of staying in each of the 48 contiguous states of the United States (“and maybe Alaska, if I can work it out,” Rich told me).  They have two cats that they walk around with harnesses and leashes, so I had a conversation with them about how that might be done.  Rich told me they started by putting the harnesses on the cats to wear constantly, in their bus, for a few weeks.  Then they added leashes for a few more weeks before finally taking them outside.  Pony and I decided we might give this a try (with Murphy, at the very least).   

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