I went over to the market and got some bread rolls, meat, cheese, and other things to make sandwiches for a late lunch.  After that, Pony, Rufus and I walked along the river path that borders the Delaware River to the downtown district.  We walked along Main Street, stopping at a coffeehouse that was catty corner to a boutique pet shop.  Pony got herself a latte and a chai for me while I got Rufus a chew stick.  Our doggie continues to act as our good will ambassador, as various people came by to remark on what a nice dog he was (“good looking” or “what a nice disposition he has”  and other such things).  Soon enough, the sun was setting and it was time to make our way back to the RV.  We spent the night munching on oysters, crackers, cheese and other such munchies, drinking wine and watching episodes from the first season of “Grimm”.

The next morning, after an early phone call, I carefully nursed the RV up “the hill” to Koches Auto Repair, on the east end of town.  We had unhitched our yellow submarine, so Pony drove ahead to scout out where we needed to go.  We left the RV in the capable hands of John Koches (warning him and his associates about the kitties, and especially about Murphy), then Rufus, Pony and I drove back into town to find some breakfast. 

Several of the town folk had told us to check out the Frenchtown Café, and we found the breakfast there worth all the praise.  It was a busy place, but we were fortunate enough to get a table adjoining the front window.  I have never been a coffee drinker, but Pony told me it was mighty fine.  I had a breakfast casserole of hard-boiled eggs, ham and onions in a cream and cheese sauce that was instant comfort food (yum!),




It took all day for the RV to be fixed.  John Koches was very thorough, and showed us the bad work of previous mechanics regarding the spark plugs and such (we are going to have some words with the guys in Iowa).  We finally got back on the road again sometime after 5pm.  The thing is, Lola was still programmed to avoid tollways, so a 67 mile trip became a meandering trek through various small townships, over rolling hills and around sharp curves on often narrow roads, while night swiftly came on.  Then Lola could not actually find the entrance to the camping site we were booked in.  We ended up parking the RV in a middle school parking lot and unhitching our Yellow Submarine, with Pony once again scouting ahead to see where we needed to go.  She succeeded in finding the place and led me to it.  We dumped our black and grey water tanks, found our allotted space and finally settled in for the night around 10pm or so.  It had been a very long day, and everyone was a bit on edge as a result.  But at least we had made it to our latest home. 


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