An introduction to the circle of some of our main characters:

_MG_0273ME (Michael Engberg):  an earnest, idealistic, pun-spouting, zen singer/songwriter/guitarist  (not always in that order). As the head of Many Hats Music, Inc., I variously operate as artistic director, CEO, booking agent, record producer, PR person, driver,  and … oh, yeah! …. the sole performing artist (at least for now).

Leone “Pony” Moyse: my lovely, witty, wise wife; she is occasional chauffeur, webmistress, roadie, cook extraordinaire, chief artistic sounding board, budget director and muse.

Zebie: our black cat and oldest pet.  We believe that Zebie is an alien, and uses the computers when we sleep to communicate with her “mother ship”.  She is a master of shadows: you can be looking in a corner, see nothing there, look again, and see two golden eyes.  100_1196

Sam-cat: our orange tabby, sleep-meister, dream walker and Cat-fu master.

Murphy: our big, fluffy, grey-and-white, escape artist and chief source of mischief.IMG_0028

Rufus: at a little over two years old, our 100% friendly, goodwill ambassador and perpetual puppy. IMG_0014

Betty: one of two steel string guitars built by luthier Edward Dick, she is possibly my loudest guitar.

Virginie: the youngest of the guitars built for me by Edward Dick, she has a Swiss spruce top, back and sides of African blackwood (one of the few woods that will sink if thrown into water, because of its density), a neck of Spanish cedar, with ebony fretboard and a rosette of marbled maple.  She is a nylon string with already a rich and powerful voice.  She is also the last gift from my father, as I used some gold coins he left me when he died to commission her creation.  She is named for one of our dear French friends.

Ceci (Cecilia): our 2002 Winnebago Brave, 33-foot RV.

Our Yellow Submarine: our 2007 Ford Focus (manual drive).  It is towed behind Ceci as we take the long treks of the tour, used for short trips to gigs, market, and such. 

My Little Nagger: the sportline pedometer I keep in my pocket almost always. 

Bert and Ernie: the two gargoyles that sit in the corners of Ceci’s dashboard.

Buddha: sitting squarely in the middle of the RV’s dashboard. 

And this makes up the central cast in our traveling home and roadshow. 

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