September 27

A truck is towing a boat on a north Ohio highway when it hits a pothole and a plastic jug flies out of the boat, bounces a half dozen times down the busy highway, and….   flies under our yellow car, lodging somewhere in one of the wheel wells. 

We pull the car off to the side of the road and look beneath, but cannot locate the jug.  We start back on the road to the gig, fingers crossed, wincing as we hear a faint bump/scrape somewhere beneath  the car (there is the counterpoint of a stream of curses from my wife that would burn the ears of a sailor).

On arriving at the Charleston Coffeehouse, in Lorain, and finding a parking space right in front of the place, the plastic jug drops out of wherever it had hitched a ride with us.  One edge is worn away from communing with the left front tire.  The car itself seems to have survived the trauma without any real damage (a huge relief, given our history of car repairs for the first few weeks of the tour). 

The Charleston Coffeehouse is a large, colourful, welcoming venue.  The town of Lorain sits on the south coast of Lake Erie, and the coffeehouse is in the downtown area, within walking distance of the lake (a healthy walk, mind you, but even so…). We recorded some video of the event.  It came out a bit on the dark side, but we look to see if we can post some of it on YouTube anyway (this has also renewed a conversation between Pony and me about possibly investing in a small bank of stage lights for such occasions). 

At the end of the gig, the barrista/manager (also named Michael) showed us through a back door of the coffeehouse.  The back opens onto a beautiful shared patio area; sort of a courtyard for a group of condominiums.  It is lush with plants and several large skylights that illuminate the space with much natural light.  Michael informed us that there are a variety of birds that also live in the space (parrots and parakeets, mostly),  although, since it was late at night, they were pretty much in sleep mode.  All in all, it was a very fun gig, and we are talking about returning again sometime next summer. 

The next day, we set out to leave as early in the morning as we could manage.  We wanted to make it to Annapolis  by the end of the day (about a 400 mile trip).  We managed to leave the Silver Springs campground sometime between 9:30 and 10:00am and had a fairly easy drive to Maryland, arriving at the home of our friends, Gordon and Stacia, sometime 5:30ish. 

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