September 19:

“I’ll bet you’re awful glad to be out of Colorado right now,” a guy (who had introduced himself as Darrell) said to me.  

This was in an RV park in Logansport, Indiana.  And for the record, it was raining at the time.  In fact, it was raining pretty hard, and had been since the night before. 

It was not as bad as the rains in Colorado, however.  That much was true, and for that we might own a certain measure of gratitude.  Even so, there I was, standing in the rain in Indiana, staring at a flat tire on the RV.  _MG_0394

We anticipated a bit of fixing up to be part of acquiring a used RV. We took it in to Best Auto, in Arvada, where they replaced some badly worn brakes, fixed leaks in the pipes, and saw to a few other quirks, here and there.  But, of course, it is the road that really lets you know how ready your vehicle is. 

During the first leg of our tour, on Casper Mountain (in Wyoming), some of the folk we were camping with alerted us to the fuel leak in our  generator (described in greater detail in an earlier blog).  Then there was the problem with the battery in our tow-car.  It was on our way to the gig in Ames, Iowa, that one of the spark plugs apparently flew out of its mounting, taking the ignition coil with it (we were told, by the way, that this is such a common flaw of Ford engines that there is even a kit specifically built and supplied to auto mechanics to address the problem; which makes me wonder about a possible collusion between the Ford Motor company and auto mechanics). Then another flat battery in the tow vehicle.

We managed to make it as far as Indiana before the incident with the flat tire.  Ultimately, it turned out to be a bad inflation-stem (“Someone put a rubber stem on, and truck tires should always have metal stems,” I was told by Dave, at Cass County Tire).  I have a goal: to make it more than Five hundred miles without needing some sort of vehicular repair.

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