The day after our gig in Flint, I played a couple of hours at Agua Dulce Coffeehouse, in Monroe, Michigan.  This was another lovely gig, in a place that really knows how to make a fine cup of coffee (or so my wife will attest; I never acquired a taste for coffee, myself).  Again, Mark (the manager) and Cheryl and Tony (a couple of the owners) made us feel very welcome, as did the clientele.  One guy bought three CD’s via the PayPal credit card processing feature we now have on Pony’s smart phone (a good investment that piece of equipment is proving to be).  Agua Dolce, MonroeWe spent one more night at the fairgrounds, then used Sunday to travel to our next destination.

We have ended up at Silver Springs Campground, in Stow, Ohio.  It is technically a city park, and a real treasure.  In addition to the usual amenities (again, electricity, a dumping station), there is a fantastic dog park where Rufus can run free and wade into a pond and play with several other doggies.  Rufus is happy as a pig in poo.

Myself, I am still wrestling with a nasty case of poison ivy.  A good 40% of my body is now covered with a rash.  Pony looked up poison ivy on the internet to confirm the symptoms.  My suspicion is that Murphy got some on his fur during his little adventure at Lake Manawa State Park, and it was then passed on to me.  One of our errands on Monday was to grab another tube or two of hydrocortisone ointment at the grocery store. 

Days when I am not actually playing gigs remain busy enough in their own right.  There is always practicing guitar (interspersed with writing and/or learning new material).  But we often look for a public library, or a Starbucks, or some other place with WiFi, to get onto the internet and work on the website.  Actually, Pony has assumed the role of webmaster, while I use the “Gigfinder” feature at the Reverb Nation site to research more potential venues to play.  Huge chunks of time are devoted to sending out EPK’s (Electronic Promo Kits), and making follow-up emails and/or phone calls. We have altered our travel plans slightly, where we look to travel next week to Annapolis, and spend a few days with friends there.  While there, we hope to catch up on more internet work:  perhaps getting things set up with Pandora, Amazon, Itunes, and a few other internet options.  We look to return to the DC area again in late November, to spend Thanksgiving with my sister and my nieces, so this excursion to Annapolis may lay the ground for some more gigs a little later on. 

In some ways, I am probably working at least as hard as I ever have.  On the other hand, we have been graced with staying in some beautiful places.  And Rufus and I have had some fine, long walks and discovered many an interesting trail.  And to be fair, I love the work that I am doing.  It might get old for some of my friends to hear me say that, but I am grateful to be able to still say as much. 


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