Friday, May 24 @ 10:05 AM

I was game to try playing out on the patio at Gabriel’s last night. It started out reasonably warm and sunny and all. But the wind kicked up something fierce, which proved too much to handle. I ended up moving into the main dining room after the first set, at which point everything went much better. And a shout out to my new fans, Rob and Fran, who first saw me the last time I played at Gabriel’s . Back then, they bought four CD’s (a set for them and an extra copy of “Bula Learns To Dance” for a friend of theirs). They were waiting for me as I arrived to play last night and bought another copy of “Bula” for another friend of theirs. Rob asked me to do my version of “Little Wing”, which I was glad to do. Then one of the trains (notorious for passing through Sedalia) came roaring through. It didn’t stop Rob, though; he just pulled a chair up close, the better to listen. I want another 1000 fans like Rob and Fran (seriously!!).

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