Thursday, Jul 18 @ 11:07 AM

Rufus and I were taking our customary walk around Lake Arbor this morning, and I got to thinking about 31st of July, when (at least as of this point) we are still set to close on the house. Between now and then, we will be taking a couple of days to load up a moving van and move a bunch of our stuff to Casper, Wyoming, which we plan to make something of an “official” base of operations while we are on tour. Among other things, this would suggest that Rufus and I will only have another dozen or so walks around Lake Arbor between we (wife, kitties, Rufus, and I) all pile into the RV and start to make it our new home.

Before that closing date on the house, we have a house concert scheduled at the home of my good friends, Warner and Lindy Losh (in part to celebrate Lindy’s birthday). I am hopeful that the new CD’s will be delivered to us and available at that event.

 I still have some gigs booked around Denver for the month of August. Then, come August 3Oth (give or take), we take the RV (and our faithful KIA Sportage) up to Casper Mountain for a house concert at the cabin of Rebecca and Geoffrey Hunt, and that marks the official beginning of what we call our “Endless Tour”. As of now, I’ve got some firm dates for Omaha, Iowa, Michigan, and some possible dates in the works for New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, and Georgia (and more to come!). So while Rufus and I may come to miss our walks around Lake Arbor, we’ve got a whole lot of country (and a country’s worth of smells) waiting for us.

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