Thursday, Feb 21 @ 9:02 PM

Last week was a creative, productive week. I finished a couple of songs that I’d started and wrote another one entirely from start to finish. That’s 5 songs in about 3 weeks (give or take). The walks around Lake Arbor with Rufus are proving a valuable time to think about lyric ideas and other song-worthy things. Meanwhile, I have added a couple of dates at Gabriel’s, in Sedalia, to the upcoming calender, with the promise of several more venues to come through. The one set-back in all of my present activities has been the ProTools program in my home studio. It has developed a glitch which has been getting in the way of accessing the software at all (a big Aaargh!!! on that one). I am looking to call in an “expert” to help me deal with the matter. Meanwhile, a friend of mine has suggested using the facilities at Swallow Hill, and I think I may just do that. I’ve got a lot of new stuff that needs to get recorded and put up on the ReverbNation site and elsewhere. And finally, I plan to play the Open Stage again at Jefferson Unitarian Church on Friday, March 1st, where we look to video-record the performance in front of the great audience that tends to show up for that event. With any luck, I look to have some new videos posted at both YouTube and the ReverbNation site with a couple of weeks. Here’s a big shout out to all the new folks who have signed up as fans. Thank you so much, and I hope you’ll pass the word along to your friends. You never know when Pony, Rufus, the kitties and I will be in your neighborhood, but we look forward to sharing the new tunes and good times. Take it easy.

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