Wednesday, Mar 13 @ 11:03 AM

Being so close to St. Pat’s day and all, I was going through some of my Irish repertoire while walking around the lake with Rufus. It’s a good warm up for the voice, and some measure of good work on breath control, too, as I sing while doing a brisk walking pace with my personal trainer (who does not seem to mind my singing, so long as we can stop from time to time to check peemail). It’s one of those fun experiences to have one’s voice go sailing over the waters of the lake. At one point, a jogger approached me (running counter to us) and told me how much she loved hearing me sing. And the weather is beautiful this morning. It is sunny, with a promise of warming up to 50 degrees or so by this afternoon. The lake is swollen with the recent snows, the water looking more and blue and clear for it. The ducks and geese are starting to lay eggs. All in all, it makes for a nice way to start one’s day.

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