September 7, 2013

Everyone has stories about certain gigs on the road; the manifestation of Murphy’s Law, as it were (did I mention that we have a cat I named Murphy?).  I had originally talked with Eric at the Pizza Shoppe Collective (in Omaha) back in April or May, or thereabouts. We had a great conversation where we discussed a cover charge for the door to be split between me and two local artists (the three of us would also share the cost of a sound engineer).  Eric had named a couple of local artists, suggesting we could rotate sets, and asking if I might even be interested in a bit of jamming with the other musicians. The whole situation sounded great to me.

About three weeks before we are about to hit the road, I get a call from Frank.  ‘Turns out Eric is no longer booking for the Pizza Shoppe Collective, and has left the schedule (and any accompanying records) in a bit of a shambles.  There are no other artists booked to play alongside me for the 7th of September, and Frank is wondering if I am up for carrying the whole night on my own.  That’s not necessarily a problem.  It also seems they had never received posters from us, so we ship out some physical copies right away, as well as sending a pdf to Frank that he might also use. 

As we start the tour, we get a text message from Frank that there is a Huskers game that night (apparently the vast majority of Omaha’s citizens are rabid football fans), AND there’s a big, all-day music festival going on.  Bottomline: I get about 7 people for the whole night.  Seven people still make an audience, so I give it my best shot.  The upshot of that is Frank (and Amy, the owner) are very impressed with my show.  We talk about the possibility of my playing another date in December, when we travel back to Denver.

It is an incredibly hot and humid night.  Our glasses fog up every time we step out of some air conditioned place into the evening air.  We grab a few groceries at a Walmart on our way back to Lake Manawa.  We get back to the park and our RV, again with our glasses fogging up as we step out of the car.  This, I believe, plays a part in what happens next, for as Pony opens the door to the RV, Murphy leaps through her feet and through the door into the black night. 

Next blog: have you seen our kitty?

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