Monday, Jul 22 @ 10:07 AM

One friend of mine is taking my acoustic bass guitar in his care while I am on the road. A colleague from Arapahoe Community College will take care of my koto and sitar (it helps that Chuck teaches a class on World Music, and looks forward to learning to play those instruments). Another friend has agreed to look after my small collection of drums (a djembe, a dumbek, a Sioux hoop drum, and something that pretends to be a bodhran). There is only so much room in the RV. I have some necessary sound equipment, a steel-string, a nylon-string, my electric guitar, my POD EX rack, my mandolin, my concertina, and my trumpet (which I inherited from my Grandfather Engberg). And that is probably as much as I can ask of Pony (what with three cats and a dog, as well). We will also be packing CD’s for the first three albums, plus the two new albums being released (hopefully in the next week, give or take). Then there’s that little thing about clothes, food,….. You know: those luxuries. Just about every moment of every day is spoken for anymore, as we race to prepare everything that is going into storage, and look to close on the house on the 31st of this month. We expect to be out of the house on that day, and start living in the RV. I still have a bunch of gigs in the Denver area for the month of August (and teaching a handful of students who want to hang with me till the last possible moment), but we will be finding some places to park the RV and start “living the lifestyle” (as friends and fellow RV’ers refer to it). Yesterday, Pony cooked a big turkey on our smoker in the backyard. This was part of our ongoing effort to empty everything in the deep freeze, as well as a sort of last, send-off party with the grill. We had a half dozen friends over to help us consume massive amounts of roasted bird flesh, plus some nice, herbed mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, creamed spinach, and pumpkin pie for dessert. It is definitely a mix of emotions, as we think wistfully of the good times we have had in this house, and yet truly look forward to the adventure of hitting the road, seeing friends (and making new friends) across the country, and getting a chance to play a lot of music.

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