Tuesday, Jul 16 @ 7:07 PM

After the usual walk around the lake with Rufus (joined by our friend, Sir Brusi), I spent a couple of hours playing guitar and listening to news on the radio in the RV. I managed to bring all three cats into the RV in my continuing effort to get them comfortable with their new home. Sam (the orange cat) remains the most unsure about the prospect, although he seems to be warming up to it. Zebie (the black cat) has found a cozy, dark spot under the main sofa to curl up and meditate. Murphy (our grey and white, fluffy monster) is the most sanguine about the whole thing. He freely goes about exploring the whole vehicle (no doubt looking for potential escape routes; but, to be fair, he has done that in the house from day one). The RV is proving a comfortable place to sit and play guitar, even when I am parked off-street and thus not presently able to deploy the sliders for extra room. It is a bit cozier, more not necessarily claustrophobic. By this time, we have installed a small kitty tower in the very back (something some friends found for us), plus a food dish, water dish and the ever-so-important litter box. By late morning, Pony and our various house guests were off on a journey to Colorado Springs (to drop off some armor with a friend there, and to enjoy a restaurant that was part of their itinerary for the day). I managed to ship off the masters of the two new albums via Express Mail to the manufacturing plant (guaranteed delivery by noon tomorrow, or my money back). The rest of the day has been a mix of phone calls, emails and EPK’s to various potential venues for the upcoming tour, with occasional efforts to clean and organize my desk in between. The one thing I failed to accomplish today was a swim at the gym. For only the second time since joining Bally’s, the pool was totally full, with little hope of squeezing in a session. But part of the problem was I did not get there until nearly noon. Usually I can manage something much earlier in the morning, and will hope to do so tomorrow. And now I am waiting for my wife and our various house guests to return from their travels. There are plans to visit an Absinthe bar this evening, and we might even find a place to grab a bite to eat, too. I’m missing my wife at the moment, and absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.

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