Friday, May 10 @ 9:05 PM

It was a fun day of watching violinist Julia Hays and concertina player Jacques Delaguerre add their talents to some of the songs of my new album-in-progress. Every part of making an album has its fun aspects, but there is something particularly fascinating and pleasurable for me in watching other musicians bring their talents and perspectives to bear in the process. Julia is featured on “Bumblebee Wages” and “King of Oysters”, while Jacques is also found on “King of Oysters” and on “Le Soleil se Coucher En Paris” (with a nod to luthier, Edward Dick, who upon hearing that latter piece insisted that it needed a touch of the concertina to give it a more “french” feel). I have one more day of classes at Arapahoe College. I will be administering final exams on Monday, then cleaning out my books and other articles in the teaching studio I have known there for the last 12 years. That’s when I think some of the sense of the big changes coming will start to be felt. On the other side of the coin, however, the end of the semester will afford me at least a little more time for composing, arranging, recording, rehearsing, booking (locally, and the tour), and the dozen or more other things demanding attention these days. Busy, yes, but happily so.

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