Monday, May 6 @ 8:05 PM

My friend, Stacia, is a Sufi dancer. In case there is a reader out there not familiar with the term, Sufi’s are one of the more contemplative/meditative/mystical branches of Islam. Sufi dancers are often called “whirling dervishes”, because they spin about in a sort of dancing form of meditation. The goal is to achieve a form of enlightenment, or bliss, while spinning. Sometime ago, my friend suffered an accident that left her with a badly broken foot. She was in a cast and had wheeled, metal apparatus that kept her foot elevated and more or less allowed her to get about as needed. But suffice to say, it was all rather frustrating. I promised her that I would have a guitar piece ready for her, when she was healed and ready to spin again. It took a month or two, but I put something together that I am rather pleased with (and hope she will be pleased, as well). One of the harder parts of the process was filming a video to post on YouTube (because I am still more adept at playing guitar than playing with a computer, for the most part). Still, it seems that it is up on YouTube. At least I have been able to access it (although not every time I’ve tried, and it is still not included with a group of other videos I have posted, for reasons I cannot fathom). Maybe it’s just because the video is still new to YouTube. At any rate, I plan to include the piece on the upcoming album, and invite anyone interested to check out the video for a sneak preview.

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