Wednesday, Jun 5 @ 2:06 AM

Spent a long session at Hooker Street Studios laying down a few last tracks for the new upcoming album. It will be sort of a double album, in effect, or two albums sold concurrently, as it were. Called Collage and Collidoscope, the Collage album is a collection of guitar instrumentals. The “Collidoscope” volume (and yes, that word is deliberately given an ‘alternate’ spelling) is a new set of singer/songwriter tunes. There’s still a bit of tweaking to be done, here and there, before we start on final mix and mastering. To that end, Bob Matros (the engineer) gave me rough mixes to listen to over the next ten days or so. My mother-in-law is visiting us from Australia, and taking an Alaskan cruise has sort of been an item on her bucket list. So we are looking to do that thing over the next week or so, during which I look forward to listening to these rough mixes to get some ideas as to where we’ll go from here. It helps that I’ve surrounded myself with good and talented friends: Bob Matros (who has acted as co-producer as well as engineer), Ernie Martinez, Julia Hays, Hanna and Aaron Walker, and many others (I will look to give full credit to everyone in the weeks to come). I will be doing a concert at Victor Guitars, on South Broadway, on the 14th of July, when I will be showing off a lot of these new tunes. I hope some of you will think about coming out for that one.

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