Thursday, Jul 11 @ 2:07 PM

Most of last Sunday was spent going through the RV and starting to get an idea of how to make it home. My big thanks to my buddies, Kevin Wolfskill and James King, and all of their help and advice that afternoon. We have been advised by various RV-experienced friends that one of our biggest goals is to keep weight down as much as possible (weight equals drag on the engine and more gas, etc.). We ended up pulling out the two massive tube-tv’s and the VCR player (I no longer possess any video cassettes, so that VCR was entirely irrelevant to us at this point). The plan is to mount a flat screen TV in the front, and we have a desk top computer with a lovely monitor that will serve all needs of watching movies or whatnot in the bedroom. We took the old TV’s and the VCR to Best Buy for recycling, thus shedding a good 60 pounds or more in the process (even after adding back in the flat screen and the computer). It turned out that the in-dash radio/CD/cassette player wasn’t all that useful, either. The radio worked alright, but the CD player didn’t work at all, and, again, I no longer have any music cassettes. It was resolved that we would replace that piece of equipment as well. Meanwhile, in addition to removing said TV’s and such, we learned how to start the generator, turn on the AC (which works very well indeed, thank you), and use the propane to power the refrigerator and freezer. And I gave away a bunch of computer and stereo equipment to my buddy, Kevin, as he has kids that can make good use of it. Between purging the house of further possessions and the work on and with the RV, it all made for a productive and very satisfying Sunday. Next blog: further lessons in the care and feeding of an RV, plus getting the CD’s mastered, art and design finalized, and everything ready to ship off to the plant. With a little luck, I should have copies of both CD’s produced and ready to sell to audiences by the end of the month.

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