Friday, Feb 15 @ 12:02 PM

 Every day I wake up and say I’ve got another chance to make it

All day long I’m singing that song just to give me the strength to take it

But the boss comes around acting all hearts and flowers

Says he’s sorry but he’s gotta cut my hours

Milk’s gone up and the baby’s got the flu

And all the time I wonder just what I’m gonna do



They say a bumble bee’s wings are built too short and she shouldn’t be able to fly

 I think about that when I look at my pay

How the hell am I supposed to get by

How the hell am I supposed to get by

on Bumble Bee Wages


The car’s acting up so I gotta take the bus, it adds an hour each way to my travels

 Another of the kids starts coughing and a hacking and my week begins to unravel

 My mom tries to help but she’s only gettin’ older

She’s got diabetes and arthritis in her shoulder

My nose to the grindstone, trying to make do

And all the time I worry that I got a sniffle too – Chorus



They can’t figure out why the bees are disappearing

They can’t figure out why the colonies are dyin’

They can’t figure out how to keep it all together

But it ain’t for lack of a bumble bee tryin’


Friday night, I’m at my second job, flippin’ burgers with the sniffles and the shakes

 I oughtta be home, but I don’t get paid to sleep

And I need the little extra that I make

It’s a long ways away from the land of Milk and Honey

With not a lot of hope and damned little money

Troubles are plaguing me cheaper by the dozen

And all the time a hive of bees is in my head a-buzzin’ – Chorus

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