Monday, Mar 25 @ 11:03 PM

Weddings are a bit like snowflakes, I was thinking, as I hauled my gear into the small chapel this morning (especially in the wake of last weekend’s snowstorm). Like snowflakes, although weddings resemble each other in some aspects, no two are exactly alike. I have had the pleasure of performing for several weddings over the years (even wrote some music especially for the occasion, once or twice). They’re fun gigs. For one thing, you tend to be surrounded by optimists. I can only recall one wedding that started on time. And in that particular case, not only did the ceremony start exactly on time, but it was planned down to the minute, and was executed as planned. Later, I learned that both the bride and the groom were neuro-surgeons (I decided I would be willing to let either one of them operate on me, should there ever be a need). Today, like most weddings, did not exactly start on time. Oh, I started the prelude music at the appointed time. But it seems that one of the guests suffered some sort of accident (I never got all the details), that required the brother of the bride to take this guest to the hospital. This brother was part of the wedding party, so what was supposed to be about 15-20 minutes of prelude music turned into nearly an hour as we all awaited the return of the brother. Finally, he did return and everything proceeded more or less according to plan. There was also the matter of being informed that they wanted music at two points in the ceremony (something I did not know about until that moment; fortunately, I have plenty of repertoire, and managed to come up with something that worked out just fine). And there was the matter of the ring-bearer and the flower girl both taking turns staring at me. Very intently. For a very long time. Even so. When all was said and done, it was a lovely affair; unusual for being on a Monday morning and all, but a fine, festive occasion for all that.

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