Tuesday, Apr 2 @ 10:04 AM

So there I am, lecturing my Music Business and Law class.

Me: “The Business Manager should take care of your books, advise you on your taxes, help you with investments, keep track of money coming in and money going out, and advise you that doing stupid things like tossing TV’s out of hotel room windows costs you.”

 Student: “Wait! Somebody did that?!? Tossed a TV out of a hotel room window?!?”

 Me: “Yes, I think more than one rock musician has done that sort of thing.”

Another Student: “Cool!!”

Me: “No that’s not cool. You get charged for the TV and maybe a broken window by the hotel, maybe get banned from staying there in the future….

 Another Student: “I so look forward to doing that on tour someday!”

Me: “I don’t think you guys are getting the right message out of this lecture.”

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