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On Tuesday, we took the RV to Best Auto RV Service for a 9am appointment. The plan was to de-winterize the RV, and, along the way, for us to learn what that means, and to learn a few more points in the care and feeding of an RV. It turned out that the RV had never been winterized in the first place (not good!). So as Brad (the mechanic) started to check out the plumbing, we found out that the spigot in the kitchen was basically useless, and there was a broken valve in the toilet, and a leak at the shower head. What was supposed to be about a three hour session ended up taking about five and a half hours, with all the extra work that turned up. Still, all these things were fixed, and we tested the propane for the refrigerator/freezer, and we learned how to use the Leveling jacks, the slide-out units and the awning. I have to confess to being surprised and impressed with the sliders. I understood the concept, and that it would give the RV more space, but I was amazed at how much more spacious the place seemed, once the sliders were deployed. Good enough, since, again, this is going to be our home for the foreseeable future. On a side note, we removed a cheesy and slightly uncomfortable chair behind the navigator’s seat. We’re looking to replace it with a bean bag chair. The bean bag chair arrived about three days ago, and is currently sitting in the living room, where the kitties are sleeping on it and getting very used to it. I figure that’s a good thing, since it will give them something to relate to when we move them into the RV. The plan is to introduce them to the RV over the weekend (limited visits, to start, in preparation for the eventual big move).

Meanwhile, all the art and design work for the two albums were finished, proofs approved, and sent off to the plant The disks are mastered, as well. I’ve spent a good part of the last ten days or so listening to various iterations of the disks, as we proceeded through the mixing and mastering process. The masters sound awesome! I have a couple of tracks on the Collage album that feature Veronika Wojciechowski (my friend, Bula) playing cello. The masters have a beautiful blend of the cell with the guitar, with a shine and an intimacy that I have enjoyed listening to over and over again. (hats off to Bula, who did a wonderful job in the playing).

 Finally, I played my latest gig at Sonoma’z last night. Management has scheduled the gigs for 5-8pm. For the last month or so, I have tried to persuade them to consider 6-9pm, since 5pm is still very much rush hour, and, in the summer, the patio is still kinda warm at that point, and whatnot. Still, I started at 5pm last night, with one guy listening to me on the patio (for what it’s worth, he totally enjoyed the music; especially my song, Rufus, composed in honor of my puppy). By 6, there were a couple more people. By 6:30, we had a dozen or so. But by 8pm, there were about 30 people on the patio, saying it was not right that I should be quitting, and clamoring for one more set. So I chatted with the restaurant manager, and between us it was decided that I should do another set. That last set was the best: a blend of old favorites that people clapped and sang along to, and some of my originals and new work, all of which was received with much enthusiasm. I had a ball. I’ll be at Sonoma’z next Friday, on the 19th, and look forward to more good times there. Between gigs, selling the house (with all the packing and purging and whatnot that is part of that process), selling one of our cars, selling one of my guitars, finishing up on the CD’s, booking the tour, and awaiting some new guests from Australia, it’s been some long and full days. On the other hand, I can’t recall another time when I have felt so alive.

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