Tuesday, Jun 25 @ 4:06 PM

Friday morning, the real estate agent came around, made me sign and/or initial many papers, took many pictures, all to have the house officially listed on the market come Saturday morning. We had the first showing of the house that evening, with six more showings on Saturday, and a few more yesterday. Here it is, Tuesday (four days later, or maybe five, if you count Friday), and we are already under contract. Closing is set for the 30th of July. Wow, but that was quick! Meanwhile, we are choosing which plant to press the CD’s, while mixing and mastering is going on this week, and working out final touches and tweaks with Cheri, our excellent graphic artist. Still lots and lots to do, but things are moving forward at a brisk cllip. We had to make ourselves scarce for a couple of showings this morning (whle waiting to hear from the Real Estate agent about the most recent offer and all), so Pony, Margaret, Rufus and I went up to Boulder. There, I discovered that pets are not welcome on the Pearl Street Mall. No matter: Rufus and I found a shady spot near the Trident Bookstore and Coffeehouse (about a block west of the mall), where we hung out for an hour or so. I played guitar and Rufus let anyone who wanted to pet him while he wiggled his butt in joy. We made some $10 in tips and had a pleasant morning. Now it’s back to phone calls, emails, EPK’s, tour plans and negotiations, and all manner of other details to manage (oh, and zombies! Tonight I meet with some of the guys to watch World War Z).

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