Saturday, Jul 20 @ 9:07 AM

I want to send out a huge thank you to Leonard Cumley and his wife Marcia. Leonard has been studying guitar with me for a couple of years (coming right along with finger-picking on his Martin guitar), and he and Marcia have been steady fans. They were among the audience that attended the concert at Victor Guitars last Sunday. The concert did not have a set admission, but was a pass-the-hat contribution sort of affair (much in the tradition of many a house concert), and Leonard and Marcia were exceedingly generous and very supportive of all my efforts with the new albums, the tour plans, and everything else. In addition, Leonard donated dozen of cardboard boxes to us, thus making easier the process of packing up the stuff we are putting into storage. I have taught hundreds of students over the years. Leonard is one of those I will be remembering for a good, long time.

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