Tuesday, Apr 16 @ 1:04 PM

Years ago, I remember reading an interview of jazz guitarist and session musician, Howard Roberts, where he described one time driving along the highway, listening to a tune on the car radio, and he realized that he could “see” in his head just how he would play that tune on the guitar. He said that was the point when he felt he was well and truly a guitarist. I had my first such experience about twenty years or so ago (also driving in the car, as it were), and I was reminded of it again the other morning, when I gradually woke with a guitar piece in my head that I’ve been putting together for a friend of mine (my friend is a Sufi dancer who recently injured her foot, and I wanted to compose a piece for her when she is able to celebrate dancing again). I could hear various parts of the piece, could consider variations on the main theme and such, and I could visualize it all in my head as notes on the fret board. It was a very pleasant way to wake up. Guitarist Ricardo Iznaola has said that he gets some great practicing done in his head while flying to a concert. Although it will never replace the physical sensuality of having the instrument under fingers and vibrating against your body, it is a …. well… (dare I say it?)… a “heady” experience, indeed.

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