Saturday, Mar 16 @ 12:03 PM

I had a good time doing a private party with singer, Ashley Kisner, at the Inverness Hotel last night. This is about the third gig I’ve had the pleasure of doing with Ashley, and it’s getting more fun all the time. We are getting to the point where we can sense where each of us is going with the song and create a nice interaction. That, of course, is one of the reasons musicians have such a good time working together: that give and take and sense of communion. Then, this morning I found a message about a potential gig in Omaha. This would qualify as the first official date of the upcoming tour! More details as we firm this up, but it’s a lovely way to start the morning and what promises to be a fine weekend. A shout out to our friends, Bob and Sara, who are getting officially married today. Pony and I plan to be there to join in the celebration.

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