Sunday, Aug 18 @ 9:08 AM

There is something of an old Zen saying: First it is a mountain, then it is not a mountain, then it is a mountain again. It is a reflection upon piercing the veil of illusion and knowing the “suchness” of a thing. I was thinking about that a couple of weeks ago while hiking Quandary Peak (southwest of Breckenridge, CO). I was also thinking of a scene in the movie, “Il Postino”, in which the Postman who is the title character of the movie asks the poet, Pablo Neruda to to explain to him the concept of “il metafore” (the metaphor). After providing him with such a description, the Postman says to the poet, “Well, it seems to me from what you say that anything could be a metaphor for anything else.” (and the poet is quite taken aback that his friend has so keenly grasped this concept). I was thinking of these things, and many other things as I made my way to the summit of the mountain, and the mountain taught me some valuable lessons that I feel serve as metaphor to the journey I am about to embark on. The first is that things will get tough, and you will be tested. Secondly, take time to gather the will and energy to keep going (towards the last 100 feet or so, there was a lot of taking a few steps, pausing for a few moments, then taking a few more steps, and so on). There was the lesson of observing those who go before you; to learn something from the approach they take and to take heart that if they can do it, it is possible for you as well. And along with that was the lesson for me that you must persevere, and hold on to the notion that you can and will reach that summit. So, since climbing that mountain two weeks ago, the metaphors continue. A couple of days ago, we traded in our two cars for a 2007 Ford Focus. We will tow it behind the RV and use it for short commutes as we stop in various towns. The RV is a Winnebago Brave. Brave and Focus: two aptly named vehicles to help us on our journey.

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