Friday, Jun 21 @ 4:06 PM

My comic book collection (some 3800 issues, give or take) is off to a new home. Proceeds from the sale of which go towards financing of the new, upcoming album(s). I had stopped actively collecting about the time I left graduate school, but there was still a good twenty years or so of collecting carted off an hour or so ago, in several long, cardboard boxes. Summer seems a somewhat appropriate time for this send-off, as I remember summers as a kid buying half a dozen comic books, plus some Hostess cupcakes (or Twinkies, or fruit pies) and sitting under the foot bridge at Perkins Park to spend many a pleasant afternoon. But I did not want to put the collection into storage, and there would be no room for 3800 comic books in a 33 foot RV. And besides, those comic books, and all the dreams they represented, now help me to support a new dream.

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