Monday, Jul 15 @ 10:07 AM

We have some additional guests visiting from Australia for a few days. It has provided a bit of additional incentive to start practicing guitar in the RV (presently, we have the RV parked offstreet, near the house, so we can continue to work on it). I also decided to start getting the cats acquainted with their new home on wheels. I started with Sam (our orange tabby). He was not all the happy to start. I have a very noisy kitty on my hands for the first 40 minutes or so. But I played guitar and let him sort of wander around and explore the thing. At one point, I lay down on the bed in the back, while he explored around there. From time to time he would come around to rub against me for a little reassurance. After about an hour or so, I went back and got Zebie (our black cat, and the oldest of the pets). Her inclination was to find a dark corner and quietly hunker down. The dining table folds down to become an additional bed, and in the process creates a very comfortable dark space that both of them occupied for the remainder of the visit. After a couple of hours, I took Sam back into the house, then drove the RV to a new parking space with Zebie going along for the ride. There was a bit of meowing, but she did reasonably well. The next day (yesterday) I took Murphy in to the RV by himself. He had no problem at all, but set right out to explore every nook and cranny (looking especially for any potential routes outside, I am sure; as that is his usual occupation in the house). He made no fuss at all, but seemed to enjoy the place right off. So Murphy and Rufus are both pretty cool about the new digs, while Zebie and Sam will adjust (I think; I hope). I look to do more sessions of getting them used to the place over the next week.

Meanwhile, I had a great time performing at Victor guitars last night. For anyone who many not be familiar as yet, Victor Guitars is the shop owned and run by Edward Victor Dick, the luthier who has made four of my guitars (two steel strings, and two nylon strings). I had all four of those guitars with me last night, using each of them at various times to play songs from the two new CD’s (soon to be released now), as well as cuts from the previous albums. It was a great audience, with students and friends and a few new fans. We got a good bit of it caught on video camera, so hope to have some new clips up on YouTube over the next few days.

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