Tuesday, Jul 30 @ 1:07 AM

Two more days until we close on the house. Last week, we spent pretty much all of Thursday packing a 26-foot UHaul truck with what I was sure was about 95% of our stuff. On Friday, we drove this truck to Casper, Wyoming. Most of the contents managed to get stuffed into a storage unit we secured there, with a bit of it going up the mountain to reside in the cabin of our friends, Geoff and Rebecca. By Saturday, we were heading back to Denver for a gig I had at Cannon Mine Coffehouse, in Lafayette. The gig went well. I had an appreciative audience and sold a CD. The next night, I played a House Concert for my friends, Warner and Lindy. The occasion served the additional purpose of celebrating Lindy’s birthday, so there was a fine gathering of friends. Again, I sold a couple of CD’s, and took advance orders for the new CD’s (which should be due out in another couple of weeks). It was a very fun night, and a welcome end to a long and busy week.Tonight, we ate Thai food in the RV and watched an episode of Nero Wolf. Tomorrow is one more big load of stuff donated to the thrift store, a few loads of stuff into the garbage bin, and installing the last of our stuff intended for the RV (including the kitties). Rufus is completely at home in the new “home on wheels”, and looks forward to climbing into the rig with the slightest invitation. Murphy (our youngest kitty) is also very comfortable with the new digs. Zebie and Sam may still need a bit of adapting, but they seem to be coming around to the notion. Blog entries and other internet activity may be a bit sporadic over the next week or so, as we say goodbye to our old house and adjust to Cecelia (Pony’s name for the RV).

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