Sunday, Jun 23 @ 9:06 AM

It was a double-gig day yesterday. I played the Highlands Farmer’s Market from 9am to 1pm, then made my way up into the mountains to play a wedding at Ten Mile Station, in Breckenridge. All through the Farmer’s Market gig, people were tossing dollars into the guitar case, then the bride and groom also gave me a nice tip, so on the way back home, I stopped off at Apple Jack’s to pick up some wine and cider (a bad cliche: musician spending his tip money on booze). Now for both gigs, I am dressed in black dress slacks, a pale lavender shirt, a somewhat shiny purple and black vest and black tie (and a top hat, although I left that in the car when I went into Apple Jack’s). The booze came to just under $50, so I’m peeling off all these ones from this roll of bills I pull out of my pocket. The cashier looks at me long and careful and says, “Are you a stripper?” Oddly, on some level, I feel sort of flattered.

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