Thank you for joining me on my musical journey – with my latest trip being South, deep deep South –  that is, Australia.

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Doing what makes me smile

My name is Michael Engberg and this website is a journal of my performances and adventures as I play for people all over the world.  I am a singer/songwriter and guitarist who has spent the last four years touring the US and Canada. My latest adventure has seen my migrating to Queensland, Australia and I’m looking forward to all sorts of new beginnings.

Please feel free to get to know me better –  follow links, listen to music, watch videos, visit the store and read the blogs – new ones about my experiences in Oz and older ones about touring in an RV called CC, with a Pony, three cats, a dog, about 200 songs, 2 guitars, and a smile.


You can contact me through this website or

at ManyHatsMusic@gmail.com

or by phone on   0417 841 978

Listen In

I try to showcase a couple of tunes each month – so here are January’s:

Old Lady Shaley – a good childhood memory – singer/songwriter

And an instrumental all about some romance on a houseboat in Paris

Le Soleil se Coucher en Paris

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